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Top 10 Home Remodeling DON’TS

Great list for the Do-it-Yourself weekend warrior or anyone looking to remodel in the future!


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Great Resources and Remodeling Apps




These are the best of the best for anyone looking to buy, sell or renovate their home or condo.

Remodeling Apps.

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Bold Red Home Decor for Valentines Day!

heart red head board
red babys room
red bathtub

Red is a bold and beautiful color to use in your home.  Please check out my favorites at our new Pinterest site.

Hope you enjoy the Valentines Holiday!

Remember, be bold!

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Some Bubbly With That Tub?

bath tub remodel

So many choices, so little time to soak.

If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, you will need to decide what type of bathtub is right for you and your space.  In addition to an amazing array of color choices, you also have options in materials, size, design, jet controls and installation methods.  Lets take a look at a few of the basic options.

Some bubbly with that tub?

The first choice is whether you want a jetted or nonjetted tub.  The combination of the water jets and the air bubbles create a sensation in the water ranging from mildly soothing to invigoratingly therapeutic.  If you decide that a jetted tub is for you, be ready for lots of additional options.  Depending on the price range, you will be looking at different types, sizes and locations of jets, as well as different types of sophistication level for the control panels. 

Of course you will also need to be ready for some additional expense.   Jetted tubs cost anywhere from a little to a lot more than their nonjetted cousins. 

How would you like that set?

Knowing where the tub is going to be in the room and how it is going to be installed is a crucial first decision.  It will dictate a lot of the rest of your design choices.  Here are the basic options.

1.   Drop-in:  The drop-in tub is perhaps the most popular.  Drop-in tubs have a lip around the upper edge, and as the name implies, they are designed to be dropped into an opening in a platform.  Since you can make the platform any size or style you like, they have a lot of design flexibility and let your creativity have free reign. 

2.  Undermount:  An undermount tub is similar to an undermount sink.  It has no upper lip, and is designed to sit in a platform and have the deck material installed over the top of the tub.  Undermount tubs have a very clean look, with a flat, level deck area.  They are available in jetted and nonjetted versions. 

3.  Cornermount:  Cornermount tubs are more triangular in design , rather than rectangular.  They can be drop-in or undermount, and are designed for installation in a corner platform.  Corner tubs can create a dramatic platform and their design is often more conducive to two-person use. 

4.  Freestanding:  Another interesting design option is offered by the freestanding bathtub.  Tubs of this type are not built into a platform or alcove, but rather stand alone.  The claw-foot tub is probably the most common example of a freestanding tub, but there are a number of European soaking tub designs that are also freestanding and have a much more contemporary look.   

Some of the newer freestanding tubs are now available in jetted models.  Be sure to look over the specifications very carefully and well in advance because they typically have a very specific requirements for the location of the drain, plumbing, and wiring. 

5.   Walk-in:  Finally, you have the option of a walk-in tub.  Once considered only a tub for someone with disabilities, walk-in tubs are gaining popularity among people who are remodeling their homes with an eye for “aging in place” and future accessibility.  Walk-in tubs are designed to fit into a standard 5-foot tub alcove, and are available in both jetted and nonjetted versions. 

How many people do you want in the tub at once? 

Once you have a better idea of where your new tub will be located, you can narrow down the choices of sizes and materials.  Steel and cast-iron bathtubs are still available, but most of today’s tubs are made from durable, lightweight acrylics.  The standard size is still the 5-foot long tub, but the 6-foot tubs are certainly popular. 

I hope that this helps everyone narrow down the choices for bathroom renovations. 

Stephanie Roessler, Roessler’s Remodeling Professionals 

Please send any questions that you may have to us at

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Sprucing up? Check out this guide to Paint Sheens.

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    You think choosing the right color for your paint job is hard? Try picking the right sheen. HouseLogic will help you tell your semi-gloss from your satin finish. Read


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