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Top 10 Home Remodeling DON’TS

Great list for the Do-it-Yourself weekend warrior or anyone looking to remodel in the future!


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Great Resources and Remodeling Apps




These are the best of the best for anyone looking to buy, sell or renovate their home or condo.

Remodeling Apps.

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Landscaping for Privacy and Beauty

Take a look at some ingenious ideas for creating a private oasis in your own backyard.  

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“Gotta Know When To Hold ‘Em, Know When To Walk Away”

This article from Houzz has got great advice for decluttering!

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Top 5 Home-Design Flaws

I’ve looked at thousands of home design plans and hundreds of model homes. Still I wonder sometimes,  what were they thinking? This is a list of my all time biggest pet peeves.
1.  The Huge Master Bathtub:  Ok,  I get that the Master Bathroom is a focal point in any good home design and it should have some bells and whistles.  But, if I have to climb a step-ladder to hoist myself up into a tub that’s surrounded by slippery marble I am not going to be using the tub.   Also, remember that no one needs a four person soaking tub in their master bath unless they are the lead singer in a hugely popular rock band.  Plus, is it too much to ask for a step on the decking surrounding the tub. 
2.  The Powder Room Rules!  The Powder room door should not be visible from the kitchen or living room, nor should it share one of those rooms walls.  Period.  The last thing your guests want to think about is being timed in the restroom, or –worse– being heard.  The Horror!
3.  Laundry Rooms -Convenient yet, Invisible.  Oh the laundry room.  I tend to spend hours and hours there, but I don’t want anyone outside of my family to ever see it!  Please do not ever position the laundry room as a walk-through from the garage to the home.  The last thing anyone needs is muddy shoes or sporting equipment thrown in their way when trying to get stuff done.  Secondly, do not put the laundry room down the stairs, across the auto mall, and in the furthest point from the bedrooms.  This just doesn’t make sense.
4.  The Glass Shower Surround.  I love the glass shower enclosures in theory, however;  no one can pull off being sexy while squeegeeing a mile of glass.  Some things are just better unseen.  If you still think you want glass, maybe you like it really light in the shower, try a glass with the ripple effect or shaded a smoky color.  These will hide a world of imperfections (in the glass). 
5.  Electrical Outlets in the Master Bath:  Raise your hand if you or your significant other has any of the following devices: electrical toothbrush, hairdryer, electric curling iron, flat-iron, light up mirror, electric razor, etc.  Nothing bothers me more than going into a master bathroom and seeing only one electrical outlet for the master vanity.  Crazy!  Plus, that one switch is always on the wall next to a sink so I have to drag the cord through the sink to use my dryer.  Please plan for tomorrow’s technology by adding more electrical outlets. 
I had a lot of fun creating this list, now let me hear from you!  What is the biggest design flaw that you have ever seen? 
Stephanie Roessler

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