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Hurricanes…Just a Refresher Course

Ok, I’m not talking about the drink made famous at Pat O’Brien’s.  Although, I have enjoyed one in New Orleans.  I’m talking about the type of storm that made the weather channel famous. With Hurricane season here, I thought we could all use a little update on how to get prepared.   Florida Peninsula recently sent us a letter with some good information and I’d like to pass it on to all our clients and friends.

Key ways to minimize losses and help you be safe:

  1. Reinforce your garage door and tracts with center supports.  Most wind damage starts with entry through the garage doors.
  2. Purchase Flood Insurance.  Your home insurance policy may not cover damage caused by flood.  Check with your agent before there is a storm in the gulf.
  3. Bring in anything from your yard which could become wind-borne.
  4. Prepare and be very careful when putting up your storm shutters.  Dont hesitate to enlist the help of a professional.  Metal shutters can be sharp and very heavy.
  5. Be especially alert and careful after the storm passes.  Downed powers lines, sharp objects and dangerous debris are more likely to hurt you than the storm itself.

For a more detailed list, you can check out Florida Peninsula on the web.

Be Safe

Stephanie Roessler

Roessler’s Remodeling Professionals


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Hurricane Preparedness Guide

Take a look at this great information about how to prepare for a storm.  Hurricane Preparedness Guide.  I am reposting this in light of the newest tropical storm on its way to the gulf coast.  Remember to stay informed and stay safe. 

Chris  W. Roessler, III

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Harmful Mold

Water damage, mold

Water Damage and Mold

How do you protect yourself from harmful molds?

Here are a few tips that I have gathered over the years.

1.   Keep water out. Fix any leaks within 24 hours.

2.  Be on the lookout for discoloration of walls, ceiling, or anything made of wood or paper. Mold growth can be almost any color: white, black, green or even fluorescent!

3.  Look behind cabinets or pictures on outside walls, where condensation can occur.

4.  Check around air handling units (air conditioners, furnaces) for stagnant water. Keep these units serviced with regular cleaning of ducts and air filters.

5.  Be aware of odors. Mildew has been described as pungent, or “aromatic.”

6.  Know the symptoms of mold-related illness, which can range from chronic sinus infections and asthma to nosebleeds, extreme fatigue, severe headaches, dizziness, rashes and central nervous system problems. Do the symptoms get better when you go on vacation and worse when you come home?

7.  Don’t take you Health for granted.  If you think you might have a mold problem get your home inspected by a licensed professional!

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